As the medical marijuana industry grows and begins to expand into more and more states that are passing laws that permit its distribution, pot stores are also growing in popularity. But because it is still a burgeoning field, some people may not know how to locate pot stores in their area. This is where out great directory of pot stores comes into play.

This online pot store directory contains lists of all the registered pot stores in various areas where they are legal in states such as California, Colorado and Michigan. They will include a lot of information about the dispensaries such as the address, hours of operation, description of the store and perhaps even customer reviews. If you have never been to one of your area’s pot stores before, customer reviews can be particularly helpful as they may describe details that you would not have otherwise considered. You will also be able to get an idea of the pricing for these various pot stores so you can shop around online for the best deal without having to visit each of the pot stores individually. They will also detail any other various services the pot stores may offer such as nutrition counseling or yoga. You can learn how long the pot stores have been in business and perhaps a bit of information about the owners and their philosophies toward their stores. You will be able to use this information about the pot stores to better judge which ones will better meet your needs and will be most convenient and cost efficient for you. That way, you will not be entering your pot stores experience blindly without any previous knowledge.

But it is important to note that for a person to even be able to enter one of the area’s pot stores, they must first receive a prescription from a state licensed board physician who has deemed that the patient will benefit from it. After the prescription is obtained, the patient then has to receive a medical marijuana badge from the Department of Health. It is essential to have this in your possession when entering pot stores as you may be subject to arrest for attempting to buy medical marijuana without it. Most pot stores that serve as dispensaries will not even allow people to enter their premises without their medical marijuana identification badge.

This truly useful pot stores directory has a list of stores that sell various paraphernalia related to smoking your medical marijuana. Commonly referred to as head shops, these types of pot stores do not actually sell marijuana but will sell various pipes and rolling papers needed to smoke marijuana. They also sell the supplies that the actual pot stores and marijuana growers require in order to plant and cultivate the marijuana. These include various hydroponic set-ups that the plants can be grown in, various pH testers to make sure the soil is optimal, and other gardening supplies.

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