Pot delivery services are on the rise because the amount of medical marijuana patients is also increasing. The reason medical marijuana is being prescribed more is because the medical community is beginning to objectively come to the conclusion that the use of marijuana, in its organic form, can offer health benefits. These health benefits have been proven to provide relief, either physical or mental, to those who are suffering from certain injuries and conditions. With this continually recognized form of medication, pot delivery services are becoming more readily available for different reasons.

Traditionally, with the emergence of pot as a prescribed form of medicine, medical marijuana has been available at dispensaries. These pot dispensaries have various laws that they have to adhere to according to the regulations of the city and state that they operate from. Currently, there are 15 states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana laws. As an additional benefit, some of these storefront dispensaries have gone into pot delivery as an additional service to their ailing clients. Some patients are so ill that they have trouble getting to a store where it is legal to sell medical marijuana, so they need pot delivery services.

Other people have a stigma against going into these shops because of the potential damage it might have on their professional reputation, so they use pot delivery services as well. Legal pot delivery services should not be confused with illegal black market marijuana. Every ounce that pot delivery services distribute has to be accounted for. Taxes must be paid and licenses must be obtained where relevant and required. The integrity of the product itself must be maintained in legal pot delivery services as well. Some state and local laws also require that pot delivery services be operated as not for profit organizations. This is where the employees of such companies do not keep the profit from the pot delivery services, but the fees solicited that are for profit, be used to better the community in some way.

Pot delivery is expected to be a fast rising area within the industry of health care. There is so much appeal in the convenience factor alone. After clients receive a prescription for medical marijuana, they need only pick up their phone to place an order. The pot delivery fees are based on the general delivery, type of pot product and quantity and the distance traveled to complete the pot delivery. Some pot delivery services have eliminated any need to maintain an actual shop or dispensary, and operate through private offices and pot delivery vehicles. Using this method of lowering expenses, these pot delivery services are able to offer prices that are often more affordable than going to a dispensary. Whether a pot delivery service is operated alone, or in conjunction with a dispensary, it is obvious that the demand for pot delivery is planted with security in the medical marijuana market.